Our Pricing Structure

At The Sitting Room, we specialize in providing legal Ketamine, Psilocybin, and MDMA psychedelic sessions under the expert supervision of our Medical Director, Dr. Krista Leicht. Our approach is designed for individuals who have struggled with mental health issues and have not found relief through traditional methods. Our pricing reflects the comprehensive care and unique experience we offer each client while respecting that this service is currently only available privately.

Choosing The Sitting Room

Our pricing is transparent and reflects the value of our services, the expertise of our Medical Director, our network of therapists available to support your integration, and the personalized care you receive. It also reflects our commitment to keeping costs as low as possible to ensure equitable access to much-needed care.

We are fully insured, qualified, and trained to provide psychedelic services and meet the requirements of Section 3 of Alberta’s Mental Health Protection Act, ensuring the highest standards of safety and care

Assessment and Screening

Clients are referred to our Medical Director, Dr. Krista Leicht, whose services are covered by Alberta Health Care. Once assessed and cleared for psychedelic services, a prescription is provided. If you are interested to see if Ketamine sessions are the right fit for you, please complete and submit the referral form found at the following link to book a screening and assessment consultation:

The Cost of the Medicine

Clients are responsible for the cost of their prescriptions.

Referral to the Sitting Room

Once approved for psychedelic services, clients are referred to The Sitting Room for their sessions. Clients also have the option to access one of the many therapists at Insight Psychological. Fees vary depending on the therapist. However, the cost of therapy is often covered under client insurance plans.

Ketamine Sessions

Ketamine sessions cost $650+GST* per session.
This fee includes:
– Extensive before and after session follow-up.
– A post-session summary document after each session summarizing your experience for you to use for self-reflection, with your therapist, or any other professional as you see appropriate.
– Trained Psychedelic Practitioners for personalized care throughout the entire session.
– Access to our Ketamine Connection program, a group education experience offered monthly at no additional charge.
*There is a one time $99 admin fee that includes all follow-up appointments and other administrative needs as required.

As treatment plans are very individual, we do not support the selling of packages of sessions. You are welcome to book one session at a time and see if it works for you.

Psilocybin and

MDMA Sessions

For Psilocybin and MDMA sessions, our fee is $1,500+GST*.

These sessions also include the same level of comprehensive care and support as our Ketamine sessions.

*There is a one time $99 admin fee that includes all follow-up appointments and other administrative needs as required.

Comparing Our Prices

Other clinics typically charge a flat fee of ~$5,800 for six group Ketamine sessions and ~$6,200 for six private sessions.

Clinics that offer Psilocybin and MDMA services typically charge between ~$3,500 and ~$15,000 per session.

We encourage everyone who is interested in psychedelic treatments to do their own research and compare prices and services to find the best fit for their needs.

Equitable Access

Our competitive pricing reflects our high-quality, specialized, and personal service, and our commitment to ensure equitable access.