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Our team of highly skilled Psychedelic Practitioners brings a unique set of skills to The Sitting Room. Each brings extensive academic and experiential backgrounds in human services or health-related professions, and all share a common passion for working in this specialized area of mental health.
All practitioners have successfully completed a comprehensive course on the Foundations of Psychedelic Practice. All Lead Practitioners have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and competency required by our Medical Director through ongoing assessment and supervised clinical experience.

Renae Leitch

Renae Leitch

Owner/ Founder
Mentor Psychedelic Practitioner

Mark Bevan

Mark Bevan

Owner/ Founder
Mentor Psychedelic Practitioner

Austin Leitch

Austin Leitch

Lead Psychedelic Practitioner

Maryann Woodman

Maryann Woodman

Psychedelic Practitioner

Tristen Leitch

Tristen Leitch

Psychedelic Practitioner

Ketamine Therapy Edmonton

Dr. Krista Leicht

Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Dr. Krista Leicht, is an Alberta-trained physician and psychiatrist. With extensive experience working with mental health, she also has a deep understanding of psychedelic medicines, being one of the few psychiatrists in Alberta licensed to serve as a Medical Director for psychedelic service providers.


We do not recommend, provide, administer or store any medications. We do not provide medical advice or psychotherapy to our clients. We work in partnership with the medical community to maximize harm reduction and ensure proper integration. We make appropriate referrals to medical practitioners as needed.

If you are in immediate crisis, please contact 911 or call one of the services listed below:
In Alberta: Health Link 811 or the Mental Health Help Line 1-877-303-2642
In Canada: Suicidde Prevention Service 1-833-456-4566

Legal Status for Operation:
Under the supervision of our Chief Medical Officer – Medical Director, Dr. Krista Leight, we operate under the Alberta Services Mental Health Services Protection Act and in compliance with Alberta Mental Health Services Protection Act Regulation Part 3:

  • Exemption from licence Section 35B ”ii”
  • Section 37(2) a&b
  • Section 37(5) a&b
  • Section 37(6) a
  • Section 43 (1) & (2)

Questions, Concerns and Cause for Complaint

We are committed to ensuring that you are treated with the highest standards of care. The staff, including the Medical Director and Psychedelic Practitioners are here to walk beside you as you continue your journey to finding wellness. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we encourage you to contact us with any compliments, questions, concerns, or cause for complaint regarding any aspect of your experience with us. We promise to reply to your correspondence quickly, directly and without prejudice. We are continuously improving, and your honest observations, questions and feedback help us to support everyone have the best experience possible.

Renae Leitch, Owner/Founder – Mentor Psychedelic Practitioner, The Sitting Room

Dr. Krista Leicht, Medical Director. Psychiatrist, NeuroMed Clinic

What Our
Are Saying


The staff: the perspective/coaching they offered, benefits and relaxation achieved today was 5 stars but the missing last star is just due to the space itself. The space was a little too office-like and could use a window, with maybe a few more live/real plants to give it a more Zen, relaxing, and warm nature feel. Other than the space it was great and is already making many positive shifts in my life.
Thank you, team!!.


The staff are awesome at helping you through a Ketamine high. I felt very safe and comfortable.
They spend time talking to you before and after the treatment.
I highly recommend using them if you are looking at doing a Ketamine treatment.


The staff were wonderful at helping me to feel comfortable and seen. The pumpkin that was made for me is a precious reminder of my experience and I feel blessed to have something made especially for me. The session was very enlightening and expansive.
It showed me that it is okay and safe to be myself and also brought forward things that I still need to process and release. It was an amazing experience all around and I look forward to my next session. Thank you so much. 💜.


The staff is deeply intuitive and empathic.
They provide great guidance and insights throughout the process while still allowing it to progress organically.
I cannot recommend them highly enough. I felt safe, heard, understood, and accepted throughout.


I cannot say enough good things about Renae and Mark. I have had three Ketamine treatments with them (and booked for another soon). I had been on medication for over 15 years, tried many methods to treat mental health illness, and had little hope of finding something to help me from brutal and dark depression. After three treatments, I felt like a new person! I had hope, happiness, and joy at levels I had never known.
I will forever be thankful to have found this treatment therapy.


I had the best experience with Mark. From the first minute we met, I immediately felt comfortable, calm, and relaxed. He is super supportive, informative, and authentic. He has a vast background in various aspects of psychology. I immediately booked a follow-up appointment with him.
Thanks, Mark. Also, must give big props to Dr. Krista Leicht and Renae Leicht.
Both have kept constant contact and friendly communication throughout my visits.


I’ve been struggling for a long time; I’ve tried all kinds of therapy and treatments; some helped, but I wasn’t dealing with the trauma, which created a vicious cycle.
The Ketamine treatment has helped in a way I didn’t think possible. After one session, my anxiety decreased by 60%; after my 2nd session, I feel normal again, and I’m tackling things that before treatment I was not able to. The staff are so kind and funny and there is no judgement.
I highly recommend them if you’re struggling.


Mark and Renae feel to be genuine, sweet, and kind people.
They are gentle and insightful with their coaching.
I’ve met with them once, and am looking forward to my next session.


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