Welcome to the Sitting Room!

We are standing at the forefront of modern clinical practice in the realm of psychedelic medicine. Our Medical Director, Dr. Krista Leicht, and our team of experienced Psychedelic Practitioners provide psychedelic sessions that are both ethically responsible and scientifically validated.

What is Psychedelic Practice?

Psychedelic Practice involves the legal and controlled use of substances like Ketamine, Psilocybin, and MDMA in a therapeutic setting, supervised by experienced Psychedelic Practitioners. Our approach is rigorously scientific and adheres strictly to Alberta’s legislative and regulatory requirements. Our medical protocols ensure the highest levels of safety and efficacy throughout the entire experience.

How do Psychedelics Work?

Psychedelics alter the brain’s reception of neurochemicals, creating a therapeutic window for profound psychological transformation and emotional healing. These substances help to lower the barriers of the conscious mind, enabling individuals to access and work through subconscious thoughts and feelings with the guidance of our practitioners.

Who Should Use Psychedelic Medicine?

Our practice has demonstrated significant success in helping clients who have been diagnosed with PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, OCD, anxiety, and more. Psychedelics not only tend to rapidly alleviate symptoms but also promote deep personal growth and recovery.

What is the Therapeutic Process at The Sitting Room?

  • Preparation

You must first book an assessment and screening appointment with Dr. Krista Leitch, our Medical Director. Dr. Leicht conducts a comprehensive medical screening to ensure that psychedelic medicine is appropriate and safe. To book an appointment, please contact us through email ([email protected]) or by phone at (780) 721-4648.

If approved, you can book your psychedelic session directly through our website by selecting the “book” button. You may also reach out to us directly through email ([email protected]) or by phone at (780) 721-4648 for assistance in finding a time that works for you.

  • Session

Sessions are conducted in The Sitting Room: a comfortable, supportive and non-clinical space located at Insight Psychological’s Head Office. This space is designed to allow clients to navigate their thoughts and emotions openly and safely. Our team of Psychedelic Practitioners support each client throughout their entire experience.

  • Integration

We follow up with each client the day following their session to validate their experience and to support clients to work with a therapist to maximise the learning and insights from their session. Our collaboration with Insight Psychological provides access to their team of highly qualified therapists to help integrate client experiences into their daily lives.

At The Sitting Room, we are dedicated to advancing the field of psychedelic practice with an ethical, responsible, scientifically-backed, and client-centred approach. By blending rigorous research with a profound respect for the nature of psychedelic experiences, we aim to redefine therapeutic possibilities and provide new hope for those in need.